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How to Match Your Deck with Your Home’s Architecture

Extending your living space by creating a deck is a great way to add more character to your property. But to ensure a well-rounded look, you must focus on seamlessly blending the deck space with your home’s architectural style. Choosing the right style, materials, and colours is necessary to make this happen. We’ve developed a guide to help you pick the perfect deck to complement your home’s distinct character. Read on for more details.

Understanding Architectural Styles

Before anything else, you must identify your home’s architectural style. If you weren’t part of the building process, here’s a list of common styles you can reference, along with their matching deck suggestions:

Modern: This style is well known for its clean lines, minimalist and open spaces. If your home looks like this, you should pair it with sleek decking materials like composites or hardwoods with a smooth finish. A new appealing trend is using geometric patterns and integrating features like polished built-in seating or monochrome planters.

Contemporary: This is similar to modern but focuses more on functionality. The utilitarian build means using different combinations of materials to ensure no wasted space. It’s best paired with multi level decks with cable railings for durability and safety and glass panels for visibility. You can also consider various timber decking styles.

Mid-Century Modern: This style is for homeowners who want spaces that flow effortlessly from one area to another. It focuses on indoor-outdoor connections and usually uses natural materials. Clean-lined railings are combined with warm-toned woods for a sleek yet homey look.

Victorian: Known for intricate details and ornate features, this style is one of the hardest to create a deck for. But what usually works is using composite decking materials that mimic wood for durability and maintenance ease. Pick elaborate railing styles and add decorative furniture to ensure the deck doesn’t look out of place.

Key Elements to Consider

Need help matching your deck with your home’s architecture? Here are some factors you need to consider.

Decking Materials
If you love the classic beauty of natural wood, you can always take this route. Just note that this material will require regular maintenance which can get costly over time. You also need to pick them based on the local climate for durability considerations and make sure they come in your desired colour. If you want something cost-efficient, composite materials can mimic wood and provide better resistance to harsh elements.

Decking Styles
The most common style is straight decking because it provides an uncluttered look and is easier to maintain. But if your goal is to create an illusion that your deck is larger than it is, you should go for diagonal decking. For homeowners who want something more unique or stylish, chevron and herringbone decks are the perfect choice.

Ideally, you should pick a colour that complements your house’s existing palette. However, don’t use the same colour because it will ruin the overall look. If your landscape is abundant with flora, you should use earthy tones on your deck for a seamless transition. If you want to make the deck stand out, create contrast by adding more striking elements.

More Matching Tips

  • Railings often go unnoticed until you use the wrong material and style, and then you’ll realise how big a role they play in the overall look of your deck. Ideally, you should customise your outdoor space with railings that further highlight your home’s architecture. Some use bold styles like black twisted rope for minimalist homes or vinyl for classic house designs.
  • Ambient or accent lighting also improves your outdoor decking space and adds visual appeal in the evenings. But aside from aesthetics, the true value of lighting is to enhance safety in the area. You can use Edison light bulbs for contemporary decks and Victorian lights with quality metalwork to match more sophisticated house designs.
  • Unless you want a sleek modern deck, consider softening the edges with plants. This type of landscaping provides a seamless transition from your deck out into the yard.

A classic wooden deck that blends seamlessly with the landscape

Achieve a Cohesive Look With Help From the Pros

A deck that matches your home’s architecture adds to your property’s overall curb appeal and value. By thoughtfully considering the elements we discussed, you should be able to achieve a harmonious design that’s sure to turn heads. Ready to start this project? Get in touch with Decking Dudes today!

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