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Your Decking Timber Options in Perth

Expert timber decking installation, customised to your taste with versatile designs, finishes, and features, crafted to perfection.

Timber Decking for Perth Homeowners

Living in Perth means giving significant weather considerations when choosing timber decking. The local climate is varied with heat, storms and even hail that can easily cause damage to exterior structures. This is why at Decking Dudes, we only recommend the finest quality timber to our clients to ensure a visually appealing space that will stand the test of time.

If the timber doesn’t pass our standards, you can be assured that it won’t get installed on your property. We want you to enjoy your deck for years to come, so we perform quality inspections to make that happen. If classic beauty, functionality and durability are what you demand in a deck, our team will deliver just that. Contact our team for more information or to schedule a consultation.

Choosing Timber Decking Boards to Create Versatile Outdoor Living Spaces

Timber decking boards are essential for crafting versatile, beautiful outdoor living spaces, seamlessly connecting with nature and catering to various activities. Here are some timber decking design ideas you can use:

Alfresco Dining Spaces: Timber decking provides an idyllic setting for outdoor dining and entertainment, where furniture and barbecues blend with nature, enhanced by built-in benches and planters.

Serene Relaxation Areas: Design tranquil retreats with timber decking by integrating pergolas, hammocks, and seating amidst greenery. You can even use timber decking boards for pool surrounds both for aesthetics and enhanced safety.

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Transition: “Transitional decking” with locally sourced timber decking creates a fluid connection from indoor living areas to the outdoors, extending living spaces and promoting well-being through natural elements.

Make every moment outdoors a cherished experience with timber decking. Accommodate different lifestyles and activities in an environmentally mindful way.

Discover the Enduring Appeal of Hardwood Decking Timber

Hardwood decking timber offers a blend of durability, natural elegance, and cost-effectiveness, making it a top choice for outdoor spaces.

Exceptional Durability

Hardwood decking is renowned for its resilience against adverse weather conditions, heavy foot traffic, and the test of time. This robustness ensures your decking remains a long-lasting feature of your outdoor landscape.

Natural Beauty and Patina

The rich, warm tones of hardwood bring an inviting and luxurious feel to any outdoor setting. Over time, hardwood develops a unique patina, adding character and depth to its appearance and enhancing its natural beauty.

Maintenance for Timelessness

Regular sealing and staining can preserve the hardwood’s charm and longevity, transforming it into a timeless and beautiful element of your landscaping design.

Hardwood Decking That Lasts

Hardwood decking timber installation has an excellent lifespan and premium beauty. However, it requires careful planning and expert techniques to ensure it’s added properly to your home. The builder needs to know how to create a solid subframe, select the right hardwood, and ensure proper ventilation to prevent rot. Decking Dudes can even help you avoid problems like improper drainage and incorrect fasteners—our professional hardwood decking installation services will leave you with a flawless finish that you will surely love.

Sustainability in Timber Decking

Picking timber decking boards is about more than just aesthetics. For eco-conscious homeowners, it’s a wonderful way to freshen up the outdoor space without harming the planet. Here are more reasons why you should consider it:

Kinder to the Planet: Responsibly sourced woods do not rely on deforestation and preserve precious ecosystems. Treated timber uses materials that can be harmful, so you can opt for eco-friendly alternatives like natural staining agents. There are also oil finishes that are less toxic.

Various Timber Types: FSC-certified options like redwood, cedar, and fast-growing bamboo are excellent options as well as reclaimed timber. So you’re not really left with boring choices when you choose sustainability.

Premium Choices: Sustainable timber decking boards don’t compromise on quality. They offer the same beauty and durability as traditional options.

For more sustainable timber decking options, send us a message or book an appointment today.

Your Options for Timber Decking Boards

Decking Dudes provides a comprehensive selection of timber decking boards, each with unique qualities suited for various preferences and needs. Below is a list of the most common types of timber decking available in Perth, along with brief descriptions of each.

Jarrah wood decking showcases its rich reddish-brown colour with a pronounced grain pattern.


Known for its dark browns and intense reds, Jarrah is durable and rot-resistant, making it ideal for high-traffic decking areas.

Blackbutt wood flooring displays light brown tones and features a subtle, straight grain.


A strong, fire-resistant wood, Blackbutt is suited for bushfire-prone areas. Its natural colour ranges from yellow to pale brown and weathers to silver-grey.

Merbau wood decking with its distinctive reddish-brown hue and interlocked grain texture.


Merbau features deep brown to red-brown tones, improving with age. It’s a durable, low-maintenance option, well-suited for bushfire areas.

Spotted Gum wood planks with a mix of brown shades

Spotted Gum

This wood offers varying shades of brown and is suitable for high BAL areas. Spotted Gum is durable and great for outdoor decking.

Light cream Treated Pine decking with visible knots and grain

Treated Pine

An affordable, versatile wood, Treated Pine resists decay and termites. It’s easy to customise with paint or stain.

Tightly grained Cumaru wood decking in a reddish-brown colour.


Cumaru, or Brazilian Teak, is a robust hardwood with a rich, golden-red hue, perfect for a tropical decking look.

Rustic Ironbark wood decking with a deep reddish-brown hue and visible screw fixings


Known for its durability and resistance to termites and decay, Ironbark features a deep red hue, ideal for long-lasting decks.

Elegant Tallowwood flooring showcasing distinctive wavy grain patterns and golden-brown colour


Tallowwood has a unique colour range from white to dark yellow-brown and is resistant to weathering, making it a durable decking choice.

Smooth Karri wood decking with a natural reddish tint and evenly spaced planks


An Australian hardwood with distinctive red hues, Karri is used in construction and outdoor furniture, known for its strength and appealing golden appearance.

Whether you prefer the rich hues of Merbau or the natural fire resistance of Blackbutt, Decking Dudes in Perth has a timber decking option to suit your style and needs. Remember, each type of timber has its unique qualities and charm, so consider your lifestyle, budget, and the specific characteristics of each type when making your choice. Happy decking!

The Challenges of a Timber Decking Installation

Even professional timber decking installation comes with its set of challenges, including uneven terrain, moisture management, and landscape integration. Decking Dudes is ready to tackle these hurdles head-on, ensuring every deck is installed with precision and care.

Navigating Uneven Terrain Grade Adjustments:

Skillfully adapting to the landscape’s contours for a level surface. Pedestal Systems: Utilising adjustable supports to overcome sloping grounds. Retaining Walls: Constructing structures to manage soil levels effectively.

Moisture Management Air Circulation:

Ensuring proper deck board spacing for ventilation. Waterproofing Membranes: Applying protective layers to prevent water ingress. Strategic Drainage Solutions: Designing decks to channel water away efficiently.

Seamless Landscape Features Integration Mature Trees:

Skillfully designing decks around natural elements. Garden Beds: Complementing and enhancing existing landscaping. Water Features: Incorporating decks into ponds or poolsides seamlessly.

Decking Dudes expertly manages the most common challenges of outdoor timber decking installation. Our custom timber decking design and installation ensures your project transcends the ordinary, merging functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Explore Your Decking Timber Options Today!

Unlock the potential of your outdoor space with our premium decking timber in Perth. Schedule a consultation, and let us guide you through the exciting journey of selecting and installing the perfect timber decking. Your dream outdoors awaits!

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